After a long and weary day at work, running on all sides, standing on your feet for at least 5-6 hours, nothing pleased more than the thought that home awaits bed in which we can rest. For most people sleeping rooms are their sanctuaries, their temples, where we can relax, rest and to priushtime complete peace.. 

It is, simply, place it where we spend most of our time. On average a person sleep at least 8 hours a day. Guided by this fact comes down to a third of our lives sleeping we are passing ..
Generally we know that nothing can replace nighttime sleep and nocturnal peace. It is vital to maintain our health and well-being, both mentally and physically, and I do not know if you know but the position in which we find ourselves when we sleep, it may be too significant and affect our health.
There are many different ways that people like and prefer to sleep in. The most common seems to be on either the left or the right side, on your back, and curled up in the fetal position. Each and every position affects your health in different ways that can be either good or bad. For example, sleeping on the back can be dangerous for people who have asthma and/or sleep apnea because it increases the risks associated with breathing difficulties. Alternatively, sleeping on ones right side can aggravate digestive problems and end up making them a lot worse. These negative effects and issues lead to not only lower quality sleep, but also less amounts of it.
The one side to sleep on, that is far and away better than all of the other sleep positions in terms of the benefits it has on our bodily health, is the left side. Sleeping on the left side can do many things, including helping us digest better and easier. It improves the overall digestive system by allowing the body to extract nutrients and dispose of toxins faster and more efficiently. In addition, it also affects our circulation and cardiovascular health because the heart is better able to pump downhill and the blood circulates more efficiently back to the heart.
Furthermore, the left side position also allows for bile and wastes to travel more freely through the body and helps improve spleen function. This results in better lymphatic drainage and more toxins leaving the body, with less overall stress and negative impacts to our health. Dr. John Douillard explains these benefits in greater detail and covers much more in the accompanying video. It’s incredible how much of a difference the position that you sleep in can have on your body.
If you are not sleeping on your left side already, you should try to make the switch as soon as possible. We each have a habitual, preferred way to slumber and it can be hard to break that habit, but it is possible to change with a few minor adjustments. You can train your body to sleep on the left side by switching on a light that’s located on the right side of where you sleep. Your body will naturally want to face away from the light source and thus you’ll turn on to the left side. There are lots of other ways that people have used to effectively change sleep positions, you just have to find out which one will likely work for you. If sleeping on the left side improves health and promotes better sleep, why wouldn’t you want to do it!


The kidneys are one of the most important organs in our body and our entire organism depends on their proper functioning. They’re positioned laterally against the back muscles in the upper abdominal cavity right beneath the rib cage and are ben-shaped in size.

These two seemingly unimportant organs are responsible for a number of processes in the body. Firstly they detoxify the blood, eliminate the waste material through urine and filter out the excess water retained in the body. Moreover, they’re responsible for regulating the calcium and phosphate levels as well as for secreting essential hormones which are later responsible for regulating the blood pressure and the creation of red blood cells. They are also vital for transporting oxygen and important nutrients throughout the body.
For optimal health you need to have excellently functioning pair of kidneys because if their function is disrupted it can lead to kidney malfunction and cause a number of health problems. The most obvious signs that indicate kidney malfunction are: change in color and amount of urine, dizziness, vomiting, anemia, respiratory difficulties, feeling cold most of the time, tiredness or fatigue, itchy skin, bad breath and sudden pain in the body.
Here are some of the factors which may influence your kidney’s function negatively, meaning you should stop doing them right away:
  1. Insufficient Water Intake
If you don’t drink enough water your kidneys may start malfunctioning. How are these two things connected? Well, one of the kidney’s main functions to flush out metabolic waste from the body and regulate erythrocyte production. If you don’t have enough water in your body your blood gets more concentrated and the blood flow to the kidneys gets reduced. This affects the kidneys’ ability to remove toxins from the body, which eventually leads to toxin accumulation in the body.
According to the National Kidney Foundation, you should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day (healthy adults) and this amount will be sufficient for the proper functioning of these vital organs.
  1. Consuming Too Much Coffee
The caffeine in coffee can damage your kidneys if it’s in excessive amounts because it can lead to hypertension and overwork your kidneys. This can have some serious consequences on the long run.
Kidney International published a study in 2002 study which showed a connection between excessive amounts of caffeine and kidney stones because caffeine increases calcium excretion in urine.
This doesn’t mean you should stop consuming it altogether, but consume it in moderation. The optimal dose should be 1-2 cups of coffee and 3 cups of tea a day.
  1. High Salt Consumption
Salt is yet another ingredient which could cause significant damage to your kidneys as well as damage your overall health. The kidneys metabolize about 95% of the sodium we take through food so excessively high amounts of it can overwork them and cause complications.
High sodium consumption makes your kidneys work harder to eliminate the excess salt. Consequently, this results in reduced kidney function and water retention in the body. Water retention, on the other hand, can increase blood pressure, which further worsens your kidney health.
Your daily intake of salt shouldn’t exceed the recommended dose of 5 grams a day, anything more will cause unnecessary strain and lead to further problems.
  1. Drinking Too Much Alcohol
Alcohol, just like anything else, is fine if taken in moderation. Excessive amount can lead to serious kidney problems. High amounts of alcohol can lead to uric acid being deposited in the renal tubules and leads to tubular obstruction. This increases the risk of kidney failure. Moreover, alcohol causes dehydration thus affecting normal kidney function.
A recommended amount of alcohol per day is 2 drinks for men and 1 drink for women and seniors.
  1. Lack of Sleep
Lack of sleep is not just bad for your kidneys it’s bad for your entire organism. According to experts, every adult should get 6-8 hours of sound sleep every night. Anything less can have damaging effects on the long run.
While you sleep your organ tissues regenerate. Consequently, when you are sleep deficient, this regeneration process is hindered, which results in kidney and other organ damage.
According to studies on the subject, lack of sleep can lead to hypertension and atherosclerosis which increase the risk of kidney failure. Your kidneys will operate perfectly if you have healthy sleeping habits and a sound wok-rest balance.


If You Want To Protect Your Kidneys Don’t DO This

If your liver is filled with toxins or is not working properly, you will feel it immediately. Namely you will not have energy to do everyday tasks, you will be weak, dizzy, you will feel pain in the right part of the stomach and there may be appearance of skin rashes.

These are just some of the signs that indicate that something is wrong with your liver. That is why we will bring you the medicine that will help you clean your liver. This drink will also improve the condition of your body and will help you get rid of the toxins from your liver.
Necessary ingredients:
  • fresh mint
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • juice of 1 orange
  • 4 cups of water
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
Take a pot and put the water in it. Then add the mint and let this mixture simmer for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes take the pot off the heat and leave it aside to cool.
Next thing you need to do is add the rest of the ingredients and stir nicely the mixture. Finally you need to strain the mixture and your remedy is ready!
As for the consummation you need to take one cup a day.

Only A Cup Of This Drink Will Help You Cleanse Your Liver OF All The Toxins

As surprising as it may sound, your tongue reveals a lot about your health. No wonder every doctor’s appointment start with tongue examination.

Even Chinese medicine agrees that the tongue can point to all diseases affecting a person. That’s why it’s recommended to consult an otorhinolaryngologist in case you notice changes in your tongue’s appearance.
For your reference, these 9 changes on the tongue can indicate health problems:
  1. A thin white layer, apparent tooth marks and several red dots – these are the symptoms that point to a lack of energy in the body. This in turn leads to fatigue, poor appetite and excessive sweating. Lack of energy also affects a person’s mood and increases their anxiety.
  2. A thin yellow layer in the middle surrounded by the red surface of the tongue – such tongue appearance indicate digestive issues, dehydration as well as skin diseases. Also, people with these symptoms on their tongue suffer from frequent mood swings.
  3. Mass white layer with swollen edges of the tongue – this symptom is linked to improper function of the digestive system and susceptibility to water retention. People with this symptom often feel tired and lethargic.
  4. Black spots on purple surface – this points to a compromised circulatory system function, so people with this symptom can suffer from varicose veins, feeling of heaviness in their legs, headache, chest pain and dull skin.
  5. A thin white layer accompanied by a red tongue tip – this symptom indicates excessive exposure to stress resulting from an unstable emotional state. Also, the body energy is accumulated in the nodes causing inflammation.
  6. Red tongue with thick yellow layers in the middle – this points to an elevated body temperature, which may be the result of urinary tract infection or skin problems. People with this symptom are also often nervous because they feel uncomfortable in their body.
  7. A thick white layer in the middle of a pale swollen tongue – this appearance indicates an infection or inflammation linked to an autoimmune disease, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This condition causes a pale complexion, spinal pain and a feeling of panic.
  8. Cracks on a red tongue surface – this points to a fungal infection in the body, and is often accompanied by night sweats, sleeplessness and irritability.
  9. A pale tongue without deposits – this symptom suggests reduced blood flow in the body, and possibly anemia, which in turn leads to dizziness and exhaustion. People with this symptom often lack focus and memory. In women, such tongue can indicate a possible hormonal imbalance.


Everybody loves pineapples. You can add it in your salad, pizza or eat it raw-it is tasteful, delicious, and very beneficial for your health.

10 Reasons Pineapples are Amazing
  1. Every serving contains 10 essential nutrients
The necessary and powerful nutrients included in pineapple are:
  1. Thiamine
  2. Riboflavin
  3. Vitamin B6
  4. Folate
  5. Pantothenic acid
  6. Magnesium
  7. Manganese
  8. Potassium
  9. Antioxidants
  10. Polyphenols (beta-carotene)
As people get older they often suffer from B-vitamin and magnesium deficiencies. The pineapple is perfect for preventing this condition, while the antioxidants are very good for the health of your heart, brain and cells.
  1. Your entire dose of vitamin C in one cup
Many people think that the oranges are the best way for consuming the vitamin C, but they don’t know that only one cup of pineapple will achieve the same effect, enhancing your immune system.
  1. The only source of bromelain
This enzyme dissolves the proteins and assists to diminish the inflammation. Pineapple is the only source of this enzyme, which is the main reason why it was used for treating indigestion and inflammation for centuries.
  1. Reduce your risk of age-related diseases
The pineapple and the fruit in general, are very helpful in the fight against any age related health issue from macular degeneration to wrinkles. The antioxidants are very effective in the fight against cancer-causing free radicals, while the nutrients are helpful for preventing any deficiencies which are mostly caused by aging.
  1. Relieves asthma symptoms
Beta-carotene is very helpful nutrient which is included in pineapples. It is able to reduce the risk of asthma development, and can ease asthma symptoms. In case you cannot find pineapple, you can consume mangoes, broccoli, carrots and cantaloupe, which are also loaded with beta-carotene.
  1. Naturally lowers blood pressure
Bromelain makes the blood thinner, which automatically reduce your increased blood pressure. It is great substitution for aspirin.
  1. Improves fertility
If you intend to have baby in the following period, you should consume more pineapples. It includes vitamin C, beta-carotene, copper, zinc and folate which are all considered as a natural enhancers for male and female fertility.
  1. Gives your skin a healthy glow
This fruit is good for all of your organs, including your skin. The same nutrients that are helpful for your blood pressure digestion and immune system are also helpful for your skin. The free radicals cannot cause any damage because they are disabled by the antioxidants and the vitamin C.
  1. Reduces inflammation
The pineapple has been used for treating swellings after surgeries since the late 19th century, but it has been also used for injuries such as sprains and strains, or conditions like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  1. Improves digestion
Pineapple is very effective against indigestion because of the bromelain included and because it is loaded with dietary fiber. The bromelains is very helpful for dissolving the leftover proteins, while the fiber eases the constipation and cleans the colon.
There are many reasons to consume pineapple. You can add it in your smoothies, salads or meal. Use it as a dessert. One cup daily will be more than enough for your body and overall health.

10 Reasons You Should Eat One Cup Of Pineapple Every Day

Nowadays there’s a new diet emerging and getting more and more popular. The diet is all about grapefruit and eggs. The reason is getting popular is because with this diet you can lose like 20 pounds in a matter of days.

At first it really sounds not so convincing but let us elaborate a little bit more. Grapefruit in fact is a fruit among the ones that break down and burn fat. Moreover this fruit enhances the metabolism meaning digestion is improved. On the other side eggs are considered to be the best source of protein and combining these two means boosted weight loss.
This type of diet is very strict, so beware if you have some health issues not to undergo this diet regime. The regime is usually for up to 7 days, but we recommend 3-4 days because in this period of time you’ll notice amazing result and it is unnecessary to continue with it
Main Menu:
You have to consume 5 grapefruit combined with 5-9 egg whites per day. The ideal dosage would be 10 portions of egg white and ½ grapefruit every hour. You have to drink a lot of water and you also should be active, for example: 45 minutes of walking per day.
You need to eat 5 grapefruit consolidated with 5 to 9 eggs whites for every day (don’t eat the yolks). The perfect dose would be 10 parts of egg whites and ½ grapefruit consistently and make sure you drink water considerably and be active, for instance: taking a walk for 45 minutes every day.
We can understand that grapefruit and eggs eating regimen keeps out 100% of fat from the nourishment. It just comprises basic sugars from the grapefruit and protein from the eggs and the outcomes will be far than desirable.
We recommend drinking some green tea in the morning with no sugar added and another glass around evening time just before going to bed. On the off chance that you drink green tea often, you will purge the body from poisons and appreciate the advantages of this elixir. The capable cancer prevention agents from the tea will help you to drop the extra pounds from the body.

Lose 20 pounds in a Week with our Grapefruit and Egg Diet !

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Here is a chance to find out more about 7 Days Diet Fat-Burning Cabbage Soup, if you still haven’t heard about it.

This diet includes consummation of fat-burning cabbage soup for seven days in a row. In this period you are allowed to consume as much soup as you like, every time you feel hungry.  The amazing thing about this soup is that you have meals with “negative calories” and it won’t add you any calories. Because of this it will speed up your metabolism and you will burn more calories than the ones you consume. Also this will slim down and detoxify your body. If you eat more soup, you will lose more calories.
But don’t skip even one day. If you plan to go somewhere or travel, during the day, put the soup in a thermos and consume it as explained in the diet plant bellow.
If you eat the soup alone for bigger period, it may take to malnutrition.
Also you will have to drink a lot of fresh water, about ½ on your body weight in ounces of water. Also you can add the kombucha in the diet for beneficial bacteria and yeasts for your digestive system.
“This diet was given to people with overweight to lose weight quickly, usually before surgery, at the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital by Ed Kasper L.Ac. Herbalist and Acupuncturist.” (Food, by Rita, 7 Day Diet Fat Burning Cabbage Soup)
We can find several recipes for this soup, but we choose two: the original diet soup from cabbage and one modified, but also amazing because it doesn’t include soups mixtures or conserved vegetables, it is all organic.
Original Diet Cabbage Soup
1 bunch celery, sliced bite size
1 large head of cabbage, small chunks
2 (8 ounces) cans green beans
2 green peppers, sliced bite size
1 (16 ounces) can of diced tomatoes
6 large green onions, chopped bite size
1 (1 ounce) envelope Lipton Onion Soup Mix

3 lbs carrots, sliced bite size
Salt and pepper
You can also put: tabasco sauce, beef bouillon, chopped parsley, curry powder, cayenne pepper.
Put the vegetables in a pot, then add the spices and cover with water. Bring it to fast boil and wait for 10 minutes. Then reduce the hit to simmer. Cook until the vegetables become tender.
Organic Diet Cabbage Soup (by Rita,
1 poblano chile, diced
2 lbs tomatoes, crushed
1 lb shiitake mushroom, sliced
1 large head cabbage, shredded
1 kombu seaweed, rinsed and sliced
1 leek, rinsed and sliced
1 large onion, diced
1 bell pepper, diced
1 garlic bulb, sliced
Lots of herbs
Fresh and pure water, no chlorine, or mineral-rich bone broth
Salt (optional)
Cook the vegetables, except cabbage and tomato, in some coconut or vegetable oil. Then put them in a pot, add the cabbage and tomato. Cover with water and boil. Reduce the heat and simmer until vegetables became tender. Then add some dried or fresh herb and simmer for about 5 minutes. Add some spices for better taste. Also you can prepare this soup for 6-8 hours in a crock pot.
Here follows the 7 DAY DIET PLAN:
Day 1: Eat fruits and soup only. You can take all kinds of fruits except bananas. You can consume more of cantaloupe and watermelon because they are low in calories. For drinking take cranberry juice, fresh water, kombucha or unsweetened tea.
Day 2: Eat vegetables and soup only. Don’t eat any fruits. Avoid dry peas, corn and beans and consume leafy, green vegetables. Eat them together with the soup. For dinner you can reward yourself with one big buttered potato (make sure to use quality real butter, not a fake one).
Day 3: Eat all the fruits, vegetables and soup you want. Don’t take baked potato today. If you fallow the diet with not cheating for these three days, you will see that you have lost 5-7 lobs.
Day 4: Skim milk and banana day. Don’t eat more than 3 bananas and drink a lot of glasses of water together with the soup. The milk and bananas are rich in carbohydrates and calories, and this day your body will need carbohydrates, calcium, proteins and potassium to reduce cravings for sweets.
Day 5: 10-20 ounces of lamb, wheat gluten (seitan), beef, chicken (without skin), fish or aduki beans and not more than 6 organic tomatoes. Make sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water to flush out the uric acid away from your body. Consume the soup at least once during this day.
Day 6: Wheat gluten (seitan), chicken (no skin), fish, lamb, beef or aduki beans and vegetables. In combination with vegetables you can eat as much as you want fish, lamb, beef etc. Also you can have 2-3 steaks together with leafy green vegetables. Today there is no baked potatoes. Consume the soup at least once during this day.
Day 7: Vegetables, brown rice and unsweetened fruit. You can eat fruits and vegetables as much as you want, but be sure to consume the soup at least once today.
By the end of the 7th day you will have to loss 10-17 pounds if you haven’t cheated. If you lost more than 15 pounds, wait for 2 days before starting the diet again.
You can take this diet as often as you like. If you follow it properly, it can perfectly clean your organism of impurities and you will be more energetic and healthier, and feel lighter than ever before.
This diet will affect everyone on a different way because everyone’s digestive system is not same.
Things to remember:
DON’T DRINK any alcoholic drinks. This is because of the elimination of the fat that is build up in your body. Make sure to go off the diet for at least 24 hours before consuming alcohol.
DON’T consume any carbonated drinks (even diet ones). Stick with black coffee, skimmed milk, fruit juices and unsweetened tea, cranberry juice and water.
DON’T eat pasta, fried foods on bread.
Any prescribed medications won’t hurt you during this diet.
You can continue with this diet as long as toy feel the different, physically and mentally.

Lose Weight with This Delicious Fat-Burning Soup!

Essential oils have amazing health benefits and because of that they become very popular nowadays. Essential oils are effective and natural way to deal with pain, fight off infections, manage stress and boost mood. The therapeutic essential oils are distillated from flowers, leaves or bark of the plant and can give psychological and physical benefits. Hippocrates, known as the “father of western medicine”, mention the therapeutic uses of thyme in treating respiratory illnesses and disorders.

Thyme essential oil is known to man as one of the strongest antioxidant. It supports the respiratory, nervous, immune, digestive and other body systems. This essential oil contains large amounts of thymol. It is one of the naturally occurring compound known as “biocides”. They are substances that can eliminate dangerous organisms.
Yet, did you know that essential oils can be a powerful remedy for cancer?
Thyme essential oil can kill up to 97 percent of breast cancer cells.
Thyme is coming from Mediterranean and was generally used by the antique Greeks. Thyme takes bid part in Mediterranean meals. This may be the reason why Greek woman don’t have that much incidence of breast cancer compared with American woman.
Oncologist scientists at Celal Bayar University in Turkey performed a study to figure out what impact Wild Thyme (Thymus serpyllum) may have on breast cancer action.
They testified in the diary Nutrition and Cancer that Wild Thyme can induce cell death in the breast cancer cells.
It was found that thyme essential oils can kill 98% of breast cancer cells (MCF-7) after 72 hours of the treatment. In the research was used only 0.05 %( even 0.01% of thyme essential oil killed less than 42% of the cancer cells). It was proven that thyme essential oil is the most powerful at killing cancer cells. In some other studies thyme was also shown good against ovarian and oral cancer. The essential oil of thyme, or just thyme was used in traditional and Ayurvedic medicine because of its strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties. It can also kill yeast like Candida. It makes an incredible expansion to a healthy diet concentrated on natural organic products, vegetables and whole foods and can be utilized as a tasty herb in cooking or can be prepared as a tea.
Some other health benefits of thyme oil are:
  • Decrease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Control menstrual flow
  • Can rise circulation and elevates low blood pressure
  • Helps avoid cellulite
  • Help ease anxiety and nervousness
  • Fights insomnia
  • Eliminates bad breath and body smell

Thyme Essential Oil Shown To Kill Up To 98 Percent Of Breast Cancer Cells

The unhealthy foods can affect the absorption of the crucial vitamins and minerals in our digestive system.

Recognizing the symptoms in time and knowing what actions you need to do is very important.
Vitamins and minerals deficient in the body is usually visible in the number of symptoms that are ease to be noticed if we pay enough attention

  1. Cracks on the edge of the mouth (Curb)
The most usual causes are:
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Some stomach ailments with boosted secretion of gastric acid, which corrodes the mucous linings of the lips.
  • Lack of posterior teeth or lowered bite
  • Lack of iron (anemia)
  • Infection caused by the bacteria streptococcus and staphylococcus, fungi (Candida)
  • Inadequate sanitary conditions and poor oral hygiene
  • It usually appears in people who talk a lot and moisturize the mouth
  • It appears in people who suffer from diabetes, because their immune system is weakened.
In case you are experiencing some of these factors, it is certainly a symptom of lack of: zinc, iron and B vitamins like niacin (B3), riboflavin (B2) and B12.
Solution: Consume more tofu, quinoa, low fat cheese, peanuts, chard and spinach, dried apricots, asparagus, all kinds of seeds and legumes. In order to intake iron (vitamin C), you should combine foods with broccoli and kale.
Many times leaked appears because of an allergic reaction to a compound in cosmetic products that have been recently began to use.
  1. A red rash on the face that is flaky and/or excessive hair loss
Lack of biotin can be manifested with scaly rash with redness, which often appears along the line of the scalp or on the face, and excessive hair loss.
Solution: Consume almonds, chard, goat milk, peanuts, tomatoes, carrots, onions, sesame, milk, nuts, bananas, avocados and mushrooms.
The hair loss can be caused by many factors:
Unexpected hair loss can occur in several months after an ailment or some serious surgery, which could be the result of increased stress hormones like cortical.
  • Thyroid ailments usually cause hair loss.
  • The hormonal birth control pills can leave negative effects on the hair.
  • Usually the women notice hair loss three months after childbirth.
  • Hair loss can be result of particular medicines, like those against blood coagulation, gout, increased blood pressure, heart ailment and depression
  • Some hairstyles can cause hair loss, particularly if your whiskers are long and strained curlers.
  • Hot hair oil or chemicals which are used for making constant curl can result with inflammation of the hair follicles, which can cause damage and hair loss.
  • The genetic factors are also one of the causes for hair loss.
  1. Red or white bumps that resemble acne (on the cheeks, arms, hips)
Red and achy hypodermic rash similar to acne in puberty may be a symptom of hormonal imbalance, but also deficit of the following:
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Vitamins A and D
Solution: Raise your intake of healthy fats; consume more nuts and seeds such as flax. Increase your intake of green leafy vegetables, carrots and peppers for vitamin A. Eat more dairy products.
  1. Numbness hands, feet and other body parts or squib
The deficit of folic acid or vitamin B9, vitamin B6 and B12 can lead to numbness, transient numbness and shivers. They are directly connected with the peripheral nervous system and their deficit causes blockage, which leads to anxiety, depression, fatigue and anemia.
You are suffering from vitamins B, folic acid (B9), B6 and B12 deficiency.
Solution: Consume spinach, beets, dairy products and asparagus.
In case you are using some medicine you should pay attention to it, if it has side effects related with improper circulation or the appearance of shivers.
The active smokers could feel shivers because of the obstructed blood vessels and improper circulation.
  1. Muscle cramps, stabbing pain (in the toes)
Flickering of the eyelids and muscles with the appearance of muscle cramps are normally a symptom of magnesium, potassium and calcium deficiency. If the symptoms are appearing often, it could be a symptom of chronic deficiency of which cannot be solved only by improved diet and nutrition, but also by consuming supplement minerals. If you exercise regularly, it usually results with amplified loss of minerals in the process of sweating.
You suffer from magnesium, calcium and potassium deficiency.
Solution: Consume seaweed, bananas, green leafy vegetables, nettle, nuts, seeds, almonds, cherries, grapefruit and apples.

Do You Have Any of These 5 Symptoms? Make sure, These are Signs That Hint of Something Bad