This is and effective remedy for clear and flawless skin. Any mention of age spots among the lady circle invariably makes them frown with worries. 
An age-spots covered face does not only make the skin look dim and yellow but appear much older standing in a group. 

Here I would like to introduce to you a wonderful age spots eradication method which has been tested and found to be very effective. This is the use of Vaseline and persimmon leaves.
30 g persimmon leaves,
30 g Vaseline.
Method of preparation:
1. Pluck some green tender persimmon leaves, wash with water and dry them under the shade.
2. Grind the dried persimmon leaves into powder form, then mix with similar amount of Vaseline evenly.
3. Use the mixture to rub on the age spots daily for 15 minutes. After that wash with water.
Although different types of skin have different absorption ability, generally after 10 – 15 days of continuous use, you will see the spots fading. 

The reason of using persimmon leaves:According to chinese medcine, Persimmon leaves contain amino acids, vitamins, rutinium, tannin etc. and are able to effectively fight bacteria and act as anti-inflammatory agent besides promoting blood circulation and enhancing beauty and removing age spots.
Vaseline has the ability to retain moisture. It also helps to enhance the good effect of persimmon leaves on the skin.
Persimmon leaves can be used not only for the face, they can
also be used to brew hot drink. Its has amazing beauty-
enhancing effect.
Benefit of persimmon leaves drink:
1. For body cooling and thirst quenching.
2. Increase body’s immunity against cancer and epidemic diseases.
3. To lower blood lipids, prevent hardening of cerebral arteries and coronary heart disease.
4. Soften the blood vessels and increase their elasticity besides regulating the blood pressure.
5. Acts as diuretic laxative, anti-swelling medicine and helps to lose weight.
6. Soothes nerves, enhance beauty and causing age spots to subside according to chinese medicine.


Did you hear of black cumin oil? Well read on more. Studies revealed that nigelia sativa/black cumin seed oil can stop cancer cells.

Extract of this seed named thymoquinone can cure cancer.
This item can cure breast, colon, liver, cervix, lymphoma, melanoma, prostate cancer and more.
Studies were made on animals for now so it is matter of time for human studies too.
These things make this oil potent so large pharma companies are reluctant yet to explore this fully.
In 2 separate studies from  2 countries, China and Saudi Arabia in 2011, was said this oil treats cancer, diabetes, asthma, kidney issues and more.
It is not clear how this is done for cancer, but studies go on.
Perfect mix with black cumin seed oil and honey
Egyptian study said this oil and honey kills cancer and this was seen in lab rats that got heavy doses of a carcinogen.
The study had 4 rat groups.
  1. Given honey and black seed oil
  2. Rest 3 groups had either of the 2 items
  3. The 1st group had less cancer risk by 100%
  4. The rest of groups had decrease of 80%
No radiation problem with black cumin seed oil
Back in 2014, Turkey experts said this oil gives relief to those radiated from curing for cancer.
Tests were done on rats that had gamma radiation and were divided in 2 groups.
The 1st had 1 g black seed oil  60 min prior radiation
Total were given 10 g for the following 10 days radiation.
The 2nd group rats had no radiation and had just saline mix.
The seed oil decreased oxidation stress.
The antioxidants made liver healthier.
Another result is that black seed oil 10 days prior radiation for 10 days made rats safe against the radiation damage.
Another study in India of 2012 examined the mic that had this oil before radiation.
  • One group had tumors
  • The other group was healthy
  • Both groups had 100 mg per kg weight before radiation
  • The antioxidants kept all internal organs healthy

Black cumin seed oil attacks liver cancer

Experts of Saudi Arabia in 2014 said cumin oil removes inflammation and cancer too. For humans with lung cancer, a dose of 0.01 mg/ml black seed oil killed cancer cells and not healthy ones.

Brain cancer cells are attacked too!

Experts of Ohio University in 2013 tested the thymoquinone effects for aggressive brain cancer. Studies said that cancer was killed by this and left healthy cells undamaged.
But, the study also proved that this seed oil block the autophagy in cancer cells which said cancer cells  grow with energy on cellular levels.

This Remedy Can Cure AIDS, HIV, Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, SDs, Arthritis…

Humans are the only animal species that are at an increased risk of cancer because of red meat consumption. The study revealed that the reason for this is a rare sugar known as Neu5Gc that can be found in animals, but not in the human body. 

The newly discovered sugar triggers an immune response which causes inflammation and results in cancer.
Ajit Varki, the leader of the study, explained that all the evidence linking this sugar to cancer before was incomplete and circumstantial. 
However, the latest study managed to link it directly to the deadly disease in both humans and animal trials. The rare sugar is found in red meat such as pork and other types of livestock, as well as some types of cheese and cow’s milk. 
Our bodies can’t produce Neu5Gc on their own, so it’s detected as an invader in our body once absorbed in the tissues. This activates an immune response that leads to inflammation – if you’re subjected to it frequently, chronic inflammation will follow, which significantly increases the risk of cancer.
This is the exact reason why people who eat red meat frequently are more exposed to the risk of cancer. 
Other carnivores such as animals whose bodies produce the sugar can eat red meat without an issue. However, for us, eating red meat is dangerous as it raises the risk of inflammation and cancer. 
This is why experts recommend controlling your red meat intake – sorry meat lovers, we just aren’t built for this type of meat.

Scientists Finally Discover Why Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer

Most of us know dental care means brushing, dental floss, mouthwash and many still do not know about coconut mouth care.
The coconut oil is the best pulling method. To get the benefits here, rinse the mouth with tbsp. coconut and swish it. this removes bacteria and problems like bad smell.

Coconut gets more popular by the day and is a relatively new item but still used in Ayurveda 3 millennia ago. Removal of bacteria and whitening in one.
The final thing is the best DIY toothpaste for tooth decay prevention, removing bad breath and cavities or similar issues. Coconut is antimicrobial.
Some stores have coconut for cosmetic use but this is processed and has many chemicals. 
Get raw virgin coconut that comes in many shapes and is not expensive much.
The best toothpaste DIY for teeth whitening
This process is really easy. First get 2 tbsp coconut or 1 oz, melt this in a bowl. Add 3 tbsp baking soda or 45 g. with fork mash and stir them and get a paste mix.
This is it. keeps gums and teeth safe and whiten teeth too.
Use this same as you do regular pastes. Know that the coconut is solid in room temperature of 24-26 degrees so the remains are thrown in the bin, not the sink or sewer.
This oil weighs more than water but it never sticks to pipes in the sewer so know this to keep nature safe. For bad breath removal, use this when you brush the tongue. No more bacteria on the tongue that make the bad smell.
Also, as you finish this process, get scents of fruit in the mouth, you will be amazed by the aftertaste.

No More Bad Mouth Smell, Tartar, Plaque – Use This Home Toothpaste and Whiten Teeth Too

The Cause for Leg Cramps at Night and the Best Ways to Prevent This

The tamarind fruit originates from Asia and Africa and is most often used in Indian cuisine, where it’s consumed in combination with salt and black pepper. The tamarind fruit has a unique taste and besides tasting great, it also offers a wide range of health benefits. Here are the main health benefits of the fruit:

Improves eyesight
Tamarind is rich in vitamin A, which can improve your eyesight and prevent problems such as macular degeneration.
Inflammation in the joints and connective tissues
These problems are common as we age, but you should know that they can be controlled and prevented with tamarind. The fruit is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce the pain and protect your connective tissues, and its antibacterial properties can protect your body from infections. Tamarind has a rich nutritional profile that can reinforce your immune system, detoxify your body and prevent different diseases and conditions.
Treats diabetes
The fruit can regulate your blood sugar levels and treat diabetes – just buy some tamarind paste from your local health store and mix it with herbs and jamun to create a powerful mixture that you can consume to treat and prevent diabetes.
Treats hair loss
Tamarind is one of the best natural remedies against hair loss. Boil the fruit in water until it’s soft, then squeeze it to obtain liquid and apply it on your scalp. Rub the mixture gently, then leave it to work for an hour before rinsing with water. Repeat the process every day for best results.
Great for your heart
The tamarind contains nutrients such as potassium which are great for your cardiovascular health. It also contains fiber, which can keep your cardiovascular system healthy and control your cholesterol levels. Due to these nutrients, the fruit has been used in the ancient Ayurveda medicine as a remedy against heart problems for centuries.
As you can see, you don’t need to pop a pill every time you’re facing a problem. The key to every disease lies in nature, so try using remedies such as the tamarind to treat your health problems.


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The week sugar detox is adaptable menu and amazing for the needs. All carbs are prohibited in a week time and this includes fruit too. There are no cravings, no bland food or boring meals, no deprivations.

The 7 day menu
1. Day 1
Breakfast: cheesy baked eggs and spinach. Midday snack is tamari almonds. Lunch is low carb cheese sweet pepper popper and green salad. Afternoon snack is 3 boiled eggs. Dinner is baked stuffed chicken, spinach and cucumber + tomato salad with feta. Snack is ¼ skim low fat ricotta, ¼ tsp vanilla extract and stevia.
2. Day 2
Breakfast is sun dried tomato with feta as frittata. Midday snack is tamari almonds, lunch is left over chicken and spinach with pepper poppers. Afternoon snack is spinach dip and raw veggies. Dinner is Asian turkey lettuce cups (exclude honey hoisin sauce), sautee some spinach and have peppers with mushrooms too. Snack is 1 cheese stick.
3. Day 3
Breakfast is PB protein smoothie, exclude protein powder. Midday snack is 3 boiled eggs with no yolk. Lunch is leftover turkey cups, mixed green salad and cucumber, sweet pepper, tomato, olive oil and vinegar. Afternoon snack: leftover frittata with feta. Dinner is grill chicken, herbs, veggie soup with no carrots. Snack is dairy free no sugar vanilla chia pudding
4. Day 4
Breakfast is sante fe frittata, midday snack is 1 cheese stick. Lunch is left over grill chicken for cilantro chicken salad. Afternoon snack is no sugar PB or nut butter and celery. Dinner is crock pot chicken, bean stew, small zucchini bites with cheese. Snack is ½ cup low fat cottage cheese and cucumber
5. Day 5
Breakfast is leftover sante fe frittata, midday snack is spicy Mediterranean dip of feta and veggies. Lunch is left over soup, mixed greens, cucumber, sweet pepper, tomato and vinegar + olive oil. Afternoon snack is feta, tomato and cucumbers. Dinner is low carb cheese sticks and bread, Italian green beans. Snack is chia pudding as before.
6. Day 6
Breakfast is 1 serve no crust egg muffins, midday snack is ½ cup cottage cheese or some ricotta and ¼ tsp vanilla extract or stevia. Lunch is left over cheese bread sticks and green beans. Afternoon snack is raw veggies and Mediterranean dip. Dinner is garlic, lemon and chicken drumsticks, noodles of zucchini. Snack is 3 boiled eggs no yolks, and hummus.
7. Day 7
Breakfast is scrambled eggs, sautéed spinach, mushrooms and no sugar salsa. Midday snack is ½ cup cottage cheese. Lunch is left over veggie soup and zucchini noodles. Afternoon snack is tamari almonds. Dinner is chicken drumsticks leftovers and green beans leftovers. Snack is dairy free and vanilla chia pudding

Shopping list for the sugar detox

1. Meats/eggs
1 lbs turkey ground, 8 drumsticks chicken, 8 chicken breasts, 8 oz pork sausage or turkey and 3 dozen eggs
2. Dairy
2 cups feta cheese, 1 pack shredded mozzarella, 1 pack shredded cheddar, 1 carton no sugar almond milk, 16 oz cottage cheese or ricotta, 2 packs cream cheese, 12 oz no fat Greek yoghurt, 1 pack cheese sticks, 2 cups parmesan, 8 oz gouda or mozzarella.
3. Veggies
1 stalk celery, 6 cucumbers, 1 bunch green onions, 8 oz pack mushrooms, garlic, 18 cups spinach, frozen spinach, 8 lemons, 1 red onion and 2 white ones, lettuce, 8 sweet peppers, 1 pound green beans fresh, 1 pound mini sweet peppers, 1 bag frozen green beans, 8 zucchini fresh and 1 head cauliflower.
4. Condiments
Tomato sauce store or DIY, salsa store or DIY, hummus for snack bought or DIY, olive oil and vinegars for the salads, stevia extract, 1 small jar sun dried tomato, sesame oil and seeds for the turkey cups, low sodium soy sauce, 2 cans low sodium chicken broth, 4 oz chia seeds for dessert, cilantro, basil, parsley, 1 jar no sugar PB and raw almonds.

The 7 Day Sugar Detox, with Menu and Plan, Also a Shopping List and Weight Loss Program Too

Avocados are delicious pear-shaped fruits that are great for salads and guacamole. If you eat this fruit often why not try planting it in a small garden pot and grow your own tree and save yourself time and money.

Now while the avocado tree is a warm season plant and can be easily destroyed by cold and frost. You can now learn how to plant this tree in a small garden pot and have it in your home.
Learn how to plant the avocado tree in a small garden pot;
1.First, you should extract the seed
First of all carefully remove the seed from the avocado fruit, avoid cutting it as you do so. Then you thoroughly wash it clean of the avocado fruit, you can soak it for a few minutes in water then gently scrub off the avocado fruit that may be on it but be careful not to peel off the brown skin of the seed while you scrub it.
2.Second step — pierce your seed
The avocado seed is usually oblong in shape, although there are instances where it is almost a perfect sphere. However, every avocado seed has a top where the plant will sprout from and a bottom from which its root will grow. You will know this by observing the seed; the end that is slightly pointy is the top while the end that is slightly flat is the bottom. It is this bottom end that will be placed in water and not the top end, so take note before piercing with toothpicks. Next you will stick toothpicks at the bottom end of your seed; the purpose of this is to elevate the seed so that its entire body is not submerged in water.
3.Step three — soak your seed in water
You should ensure that the bottom end of your avocado seed in placed in water to allow the roots grow. Make sure the toothpicks are firmly wedged in at an angle that slightly points downwards, this is to ensure that the bottom of the seed is properly submerged in the water when it is placed over a glass.
4.Step four – allow your seed to sprout
You will notice the top end of the avocado seed will split and out of it will come a stem sprout, while its roots will grow out from its bottom end; this occurs in about three to six weeks. As soon as the stem is about five or six inches in length, you should just cut off the first set of leaves. By the next two or three weeks a fresh set of leaves will sprout out and also more roots will grow out at its base.
5.Step five – it’s time to trim the sprout
As soon as the sprout tail reaches about 6 or 7 inches, you will need to trim it to half its length in order to promote fresh growth.
6.Step six – You should now get ready to plant
Get a large flower pot and place in it an enriched potting soil. The flower pot can be about 8″ to 10″ across. Ensure that the soil is filled to approximately an inch from the top of your pot. Then you are expected to create a small hole at the center of the soil and gently place your seed by its bottom end into the hole. You should moisten your soil with lots of water afterwards and when you have done that you are done.
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How To Grow Your Own Avocado Tree In Small Garden Pot