it is a fact that lemon tree is one of the oldest and the most cultivated fruit plants throughout the world. And that is due to lemon’s great characteristics and benefits which make it really worth of the term often it is referred by – a super fruit.

Lemons are abundant in vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, B1, B6, bioflavoniods, pectin, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorous. These are needed for protection from various diseases and conditions and have numerous positive effects on the stomach, intestines, liver, and the immune system in general.
Lemon juice and peels have a pleasant, sour and acidic flavor. Lemons work as a buffer in the body and they are excellent for reducing hyperactivity in the stomach. The peels from the lemon have antiseptic effects on the human body, as well as the leaves, which are great for reducing fever.
However, you probably did not know that your favorite citrus fruit is beneficial when it comes to reducing joint pain. The lemon peel contains fragrant volatile essential oils which help in the relaxation of the blood vessels and produce anti-inflammatory effect, which makes them useful for treating pain in the joints and in the nerves.
This recipe is quite simple and really efficient, and you only need a few ingredients that you probably, or certainly, already have in your home.
These two ways are the most effective ones:
Grate the peel, making sure that you only get the yellow layer from the peel, not the white one. Then, take the peel and rub it directly on the affected body area or body part and then wrap it using a bandage, in order to hold the grated lemon peel. Let it work for up to two hours.
Or, the second way:
Place the rind of two lemons in a jar, and then add olive oil to it. Close the jar well and leave the mixture sit like that for two weeks. Then, use this oily mixture for rubbing the affected area with it. When you rub the oil, take gauze and wrap it around the affected body part treated with oil, and let it sit overnight.
Note that the lemons you use should be of organic origin.


A new study has come to an amazing discovery. Namely, losing only one single gram of fat may reverse type 2 diabetes. What is the only problem here? This fat has to be from the pancreas.

So, this means that you can bet diabetes by shedding only one gram of fat.
This possibility has been brought about for a long time by Dr. Jason Fung. He has posted a report “Losing a single gram of fat can reverse diabetes?”
The shorter summary
In short, type 2 diabetes is an illness of insulin resistance. This is caused by chronically excessive insulin levels, which have been present for a long time, usually due to consuming too many bad carbohydrates too often (this is called the standard Western diet). Fatty liver is one of the characteristics of insulin resistance.
Still, the body often compensates for the insulin resistance by creating more insulin. One of the side effects of this process is obesity. This way, the levels of blood sugar may remain more or less normal for a long time. What overturns people into full-blown type 2 diabetes is that the body cannot produce the pathologically high insulin levels required any longer.
What is the reason behind this? This is probably because of excess fat deposit in the pancreas. So, the excessive insulin does not only causes the liver to get fat (resulting in IR), but the pancreas also gets fat, limiting the quantity of insulin it can produce.
This is a revolutionary discovery, since it might make it clear why type 2 diabetes is not a chronic disease. If you lose the liver fat and you eliminate the insulin resistance, your body will need less insulin. If you lose the pancreas fat, at least one gram of it, your body is going to start with a normal insulin production.
This is great news, meaning that the disease is gone.
How to do it
How can you achieve this? The answer is – by lowering your insulin levels, of course. An LCHF diet would do, but the best and the most efficient way is fasting.
Moreover, you can combine both of the ways, meaning that the result would be the greatest in this case.
Video Course on fasting


Snoring can be a really unpleasant problem and if a person in the family snores, the other household members can go absolutely crazy. The pharmaceutical companies offer various products that “guarantee” that this problem will be solved, but there are some natural ingredients that are also as effective, but, what is more important, do not cost almost nothing.

  • Olive oil
This is an amazing oil that has many benefits, amongst which is solving the problem of snoring. You just need to pour a glass of water at a room temperature and than add a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil to it.
If you want to enhance the effect, you can also add some grated fresh ginger root. Drink this beverage slowly, half an hour before bedtime.
  • Mint
This herb is not only delicious, but it is also really beneficial and it has great anesthetic and antiseptic effects. People who deal with the problem of snoring are recommended to drink two cups of mint tea on a daily basis. It would be even better if you drink this tea before going to bed.
The peppermint essential oil is also pretty efficient. Take a glass of lukewarm water, add a few drops of this oil to it, and gargle. Do this before going to bed as well. The peppermint oil is easily available and you can find it in the pharmacies.
  • Cardamom
This is a great Arabian spice which has a really interesting specific taste, which makes it very convenient for cooking. Still, cardamom is also very beneficial for your health since it dilutes the mucus and it makes the breathing easier. This is what makes this spice an excellent solution for people who snore.
Chew some cardamom before going to bed, or add it to a glass of water with some cinnamon and honey. You should add half a teaspoon of this spice. You can find cardamom in the stores for healthy food.


Stomach gas is usual phenomenon that is known for everyone. Today this phenomenon is increased because of the type of food we eat as well as the sedentary lives that people have. Passing gas or flatulus is a natural bodily phenomenon but in cases when the gas build up is increased, it leads to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. There are particular food groups that cause intestinal gas accumulation and could be linked with indigestion issues. There are many natural homemade remedies that can be very helpful to calm discomfort that occurs when there is extra gas accumulation in the stomach.

Causes Of Stomach Gas
When we feel gas pain in our chest, it is because of the stomach gas accumulation in the abdominal area:
  • When undigested food arrives in the colon it gets fermented by the bacteria that live here and the process of fermentation results with gas accumulation.
  • Healthy and high fiber products normally belong in the group of products that are hard to digest. This results with gas accumulation in the stomach
  • If the person is intolerant on particular food types then the extra gas can accumulate in the stomach
  • Consummation of carbonated drinks such as soft drinks or beer will surely result with extra gas
  • Constipation is also a common reason for gas and bloating
  • Extra air could be engulfed while eating which leads to gas accumulation
Symptoms of Stomach Gas
These are the following symptoms of gas accumulation in the stomach:
  • Frequent gas passing
  • Retching
  • Bloating
  • Pricking pain in the chest
  • Tightness in the abdomen
  • Poor appetite
The gas pain normally is not severe and it passes quickly, but sometimes the symptoms could become severe and are often mistaken for chest pain. Gallstone, appendicitis and other stomach illnesses cause similar pain. If the stomach gas builds up too often, it might be a sign for more severe underlying reason.
How to Get Rid Of stomach Gas
If you are trying to find a way to ease the excess gas that has accumulated in your stomach, you can try with the following methods and remedies:
  1. Lie Down
If you feel any discomfort in the stomach because of gas build up, all you need to do is to:
  • Lie down and hold your head uplifted
  • Maintain this position and rest for some time until the discomfort is gone
  1. Increase Fluid Intake
When gas is produced in the stomach, it indicates improper digestion:
  • When we drink too much fluids, it ensures easier move of the undigested food from the colon and out of the system
  • When we intake food rich in fiber, we should drink enough water in order to prevent the undigested food ingredients from build up in the colon and gas occurrence.
  1. Position To Take Up To Reduce Gas
There certain positions which are useful for gas ejection from our organism:
  • The person should kneel and keep the buttocks in the air. While in this position with the head faced down, the gas is ejected from our system easier.
  • The person should lie down and press the legs against the stomach. In the meantime the person should inhale and try and force the gas from the organism while breathing out.
  • The person should be ensure that the stomach is empty while trying to eject the gas out from the organism.
  1. Reduce The Consumption Of Carbonated Drinks
When the person drinks carbonated beverages:
  • Increased discomfort during the gas accumulation
  • Ache in the chest will be stronger if the person drinks too much beverages
  1. Helpful Positions When Lying Down
There are particular positions that are advised when the person suffers from often gas attacks. There are many women who experience this kind of bloating while pregnant. In these cases they should do the following:
  • Lie down to one side
  • Hold the head uplifted as compared to the legs
  1. Add Mustard To The Food
This product is great addition in many meals:
  • Mustard calms the gas symptoms
  • It can be added in many meals and assists to maintain or keep safe from gas accumulation
  1. Use of Indian Spices
If you are using Indian spices in your cooking, you probably know their health benefits for the digestive system:
  • Turmeric
  • Cardamom
  • Cumin
  1. Increase the Consummation of Hot Fluids
If you consume too much hot drinks, you will be able to eject the gases from your organism easier:
  • Hot drinks such as coffee or tea are very helpful in the ejection of gasses
  • You should use herbal tea that help the digestion process
  1. Increase Consummation Of Ginger
If you are experiencing digestion and gas issues you can do the following:
  • Consume larger amounts of ginger in your meals
  • Chew ginger root and leave the juices to do their job
  1. Exercising
Exercising will allow you to avoid gas build up:
  • Exercise half an hour every day
  • You should have increased physical activity
  1. Consummation of Fruits
Some vegetables are causing gas accumulations, so you can eat particular fruits that will assist you to decrease the gas:
  • Consume lemon juice or any other citrus fruits
  • Eat papaya which decreases the bloating
  1. Using Baking Soda
If you experiencing excess gases in your stomach, you should use baking soda:
  • Combine one spoonful of baking soda with a cup of hot water
  • Consume baking soda since it is very beneficial for the digestive system
If you experience stomach gas too often and you are looking for some easy methods of relief don’t have to use medicinal drugs for this purpose, but use some of the above mentioned methods. Many people are claiming that these methods are working and will remove the excess gas from your organism quickly.



People aged between 40 and 60 often suffer from a condition called frozen shoulder. This condition makes the movement of the shoulder limited, because of the stiffness and the pain that occur in the case of this condition. Frozen shoulder can be caused by some injuries in the shoulder area, dehydration and autoimmune diseases. People suffering from heart disease, stroke and diabetes are especially susceptible to this condition.

This condition has three stages:
-stage one – harsh pain in the shoulder
-stage two – frozen shoulder, which is limited movement of the shoulder
-stage three – melting stage
Fortunately, there are some natural remedies that are helpful when it comes to the frozen shoulder condition:
-take several garlic cloves, crush them and put them in a frying pan together with mustard oil. Once the garlic starts becoming brown, remove the pan from heat and let it cool down. Use this oil for massaging the painful shoulder area.
-you can successfully get rid of the pain for a short time if you use heat pack at least three times per day. Hold the heat pack on your shoulder for about 15 minutes.
-you can put some black sesame seed in water and leave it overnight. Then, in the morning, consume this remedy.
-it is recommended that you try acupuncture for eliminating the symptoms of frozen shoulder
-exercises that involve stretching are also helpful for relieving the symptoms of frozen shoulder
-yoga is another excellent way for improving the mobility of the frozen shoulder
The frozen shoulder can be also caused by dehydration, so it is recommended that you drink plenty of water. The joints of the shoulder can be lubricated by consuming food that is full of healthy oils. The products you take in should be fresh, healthy and unprocessed. You should consume more herbs, vegetables, spices and soups that will help you reduce the inflammation.
You should avoid food high in sodium and fat, as well as fried food. These foods can only make the condition worse.



You probably have never heard before that there is such thing like cinnamon oil. To be more specific, you probably know nothing about both types of cinnamon oil. In this powerful combination, the cinnamon has the role of a great spice and super-effective natural remedy.

The first type is in form of potent essential oil and it is derived through a complicated processing of leaves and bark.
The second type of cinnamon oil can be prepared very easily, where the production process requires extraction only.
In this article you will read about the detailed directions for the production process. All you need are two very important and fundamental ingredients:
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Pure olive oil (refined)
Grab some clean jar and put the cinnamon sticks in it. Pour the cinnamon sticks with quality olive oil until they are fully covered.
Close the jar with a lid and keep it at room temperature for 3 weeks. Make sure you are giving it a little shake every day. Then you can strain the oil with gauze.
Pour the oil in some dark glass bottle.
Now the cinnamon oil is ready for usage. There is no exact number of cinnamon sticks for this recipe, so you can make sure that your jar is full. For example, 5-6 cinnamon sticks are required for ½ a liter of olive oil. If you use higher amount of cinnamon sticks, your oil will be better.
If you cannot find cinnamon sticks, you can use cinnamon powder instead in ratio of 1:5. In case you are using ½ a litter of oil, you will need 100 grams of cinnamon powder. Anyway, it is highly recommendable that you use cinnamon sticks, because of the fact that the long milling process eliminates many of the health benefits in cinnamon.
Cinnamon oil smells very nice and it is delicious as well. The health benefits of cinnamon and olive oil are many, and they are one of the most powerful combinations that should be tried.
Cinnamon oil has potent antioxidant characteristics and keeps you safe from the harmful free radicals. It keeps the cells safe, which automatically keeps you safe from any diseases.
You can use cinnamon oils in many ways. Add it in your meals, cookies, salads or any combination you like. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t heat the cinnamon oil at high temperatures and for longer period of time. The most simple way to consume cinnamon oil is to take one or two teaspoons of cinnamon oil every day. The best time for the consummation is the morning and in the evening before sleeping. You can use it topically by rubbing it into the painful or inflamed spots.
Cinnamon oil has potent antiseptic, analgesic, antibiotic and aphrodisiac characteristics.
Studies made at the Wheeling Jesuit University have proved that the cinnamon and cinnamon oil function like brain tonic that eases and avert tensions, anxiety and memory loss. Both products make your brain stronger and improve its function.
Cinnamon oil cleanses the blood, which disables the acne appearance. It also stimulates the blood circulation and averts blood clotting. You will be able to improve your metabolism, decrease blood pressure and lower the risk of stroke and heart attack by using this oil regularly.
In addition, cinnamon oil keeps the blood sugar levels in normal.
A group of experts from the American Human Nutrition Research Center discovered that cinnamon includes ingredients that impact the vital organs positively. This applies particularly for the diabetics.
The function of the urinary tract will be also improved while the bacteria in the bile duct will be eliminated. The oil destroys bacteria and fungi, which is the reason why it is widely used in the fight against candida.
The experts also discovered that cinnamon oil impacts the colon positively and averts the expansion of colon cancer.
Cinnamon and cinnamon oil are both very common ingredients in the oriental cuisine. There are even some historical evidences that it has been used in medicinal purposes, particularly for healthy digestion and bloating reduction. Consume 1 teaspoon of homemade cinnamon oil and treat infections in your oral cavity, tooth problems, cancer sores and fungi. All you need to do is to gargle the oil for few minutes and then spit it out.
Cinnamon oil is also very effective fighter against arthritis, because of its strong anti-inflammatory characteristics. You just need to rub small quantity of cinnamon oil onto the affected spot and massage your well right after waking up and before going to bed. Your pain will be gone very quick. Use the same treatment in case of muscle inflammation.
Cinnamon is widely used remedy for flu, cold and sore throat. Cinnamon oil is very strong diuretic, and it relieves the ejection of waste deposits from your organism.
The list of cinnamon oil’s health benefits is very long and in this article you had the chance to learn for some of them. You should have more faith in the nature rather than in those chemical-laden medications.
In the past cinnamon was more expensive than gold in the trade between Europe and The Orient. During those times this spice was transported under armed surveillance, which means that it was considered as a treasure.


If you consider yourself as a tea specialist, you might have heard about the following tea names. If your knowledge in teas is not that wide, you should discover more about these green teas.

The first thing you should know about green tea is that it originates from Camellia Sinensis. Every tea type such as black, oolong, white, green or yellow are originating from the same plant. The type of tea is determined from the way how the plant is processed: green tea undergoes the least quantity of oxidation through the process, while black tea undergoes the most amount of oxidation.
The green tea that comes from China has more lately become widespread in the West, which was before ruled by black tea. Green tea is one of the mostly consumed drinks, supplements and even cosmetic products.
The First Brew
It is believed that green tea has been first brewed in 2737 BC in China when Emperor Chen Nung was in power. Even then, the green tea has been used for medicinal purposes and for drinking. The Chinese used it for controlling the bleeding, curing wounds, regulating body temperature, regulating blood sugar levels and improve the digestive system- and they weren’t too far off from what we know today about the green tea’s medicinal strength.
In the 8-th century AD, Lu Yu’s definitive book, The Classic of Tea, includes everything from how to make and enjoy tea to where you can find a tasty cup. He made a list of 28 items used in making tea conained a crushing block, a charcoal mallet, a “cauldron and cauldron stand,” a water container and boiled water container, and “fire chopsticks.” Yu considered the tea as deeply spiritual, symbolizing the harmony and unity in the universe.
Around 450 years later a Zen priest named Eisai wrote Kissa Yojoki: How to Stay Healthy by Drinking Tea, a book in which was explained how the vital organs gained positive effects from the consummation of green tea. Eisai also states that green tea is able to relieve the negative effects of alcohol, heal blotchiness, heal beriberi disease (lack of vitamin B) and many other health conditions.
The Perfect Cup of Tea
The method of preparing a cup of tea has two names, brewing or steeping. Steeping means “to soak” while brewing means “to create a drink by boiling, steeping or combining different components.” Brewing is the term that is widely accepted. If you like to prepare the ideal cup of tea, begin with adding one teaspoon of green tea for a five-ounce cup. Adapt the ratio a little bit in order to satisfy your tastes.
Usually teas are steeped between 178 and 189 degrees for 2-3 minutes, but they can also go as low as 142-156 degrees and be steeped for only half a minute. The teas with lower quality are brewed for a longer period of time at higher temperatures, and brewing for longer period of time or at too high temperature can result in a bitter, astringent brew.
For Your Well-Being
Even thousands of years ago, the ancient healers were aware that green tea is very beneficial for our health- but today we know even more and why it is true. Green tea includes many different enzymes, amino acids, lipids, sterols, polyphenols, carotenoids, tocopherols, phytochemicals and dietary minerals. Catechin- is a type of phytochemical- feeds with free radicals that can harm the DNA and promote cancer, blood clots and atherosclerosis if not discovered. Catechins also assist in regulation of blood pressure and stimulating the blood circulation. The experts also state that green tea can avert stomach and skin cancers, improve mental alertness, lower weight, reduce cholesterol levels and keep the skin from any harm.
Many studies have been conducted to prove these statements about the green tea’s healing properties, and the science has still more to say. One research, including 500 Japanese women who suffer from stage-one and stage-two breast cancers discovered that the patients with increased intake of green tea before and after surgery experienced reduced recurrence of cancer. Also, another research released in the American Heart Association’s Journal Stroke discovered the individuals who drink more green tea have increased possibility of avoiding a stroke. The risk factor was lowered by almost 20%.
Growing Conditions
Even though green tea can be found in many different types – in dependence of the country and the region of origin as well as growing conditions, horticulture, the time of year the tea is harvested and production processing- there are only two basic ways in which tea can be grown: exposed on sun or in the shade.
There is tea harvest 3-4 times a year: in April and early May, in June and July and in late July and early August. The fourth doesn’t occurs always and it comes in the early spring when the quality of the leaves is the best.
When it comes to preparing tea, there are two methods-artisanal and modern. The artisanal method includes sun-drying coupled with basket, pan or charcoal firing. The modern method includes tumbling, steaming or oven-drying.
Choosing the Right Tea for You
Now when you are convinced that green tea is beneficial for your organism, you should know how to choose the best tea for you. Always look for the organic tea that is fair-trade certified. You should always be careful if the tea you are buying includes caffeine or not: which is very important thing for many customers.