6 Uncommon warning signs that you may have a heart disease

More often than sometimes, we tend to neglect the slightest changes in our health condition.

We typically just shake the feeling off saying “it can’t be that bad”, or “it’s probably just because of the weather”. However, did it ever occurred to you that what if these things aren’t so simple that you can just ignore them with a sigh. What if it’s already a “small” beginning of something big that will happen to your health, or even to your heart.

Yes, you read it right. In particular to our heart health, it’s almost impossible to tell if we’re already suffering from a chronic heart disease in its early stages. Usually, it takes a long time before a person can be diagnosed with such a condition and that’s only when it’s already worse. Indeed, this situation is much alarming that’s why we should pay close attention to even the smallest changes or slightest hints our body is giving us.

You know what they say, prevention is better than cure. And stopping these diseases even before they totally begin may be the only effective way for you to save your life. So in this article, we will be showing you different signs and signals that our body is giving us as a warning. These may be symptoms of heart disease, these may be not. But it wouldn’t hurt to ensure that you’re free from any dangerous health conditions.

It is common to feel tired and exhausted when you have a fever or flu. But if its consistent and just refuses to go away then this extreme fatigue might be a sign of a heart disease. You can never tell if your heart is already too tired from giving out oxygen to your other body organs, and if these organs already lack oxygen, so don’t just ignore it and get yourself checked by the doctor as soon as possible.

Another condition that is often neglected by most people is dizziness or lightheadedness. Others tend to just take a rest or sleep when they experience this, while others take medications without even consulting a doctor. But a thing these people share in common is that they take dizziness too lightly and they don’t think it’s something to concern their selves too much. What they don’t know is that dizziness may be the effect of a malfunctioning heart and low blood pressure. Don’t be too confident and immediately consult your doctor if this happens to you.

Having your fingernails or toenails bluish in color may also be a sign that your heart is faulty at the moment because it fails to effectively pump blood which contains oxygen to these parts of your body. Although bluish nails may also be brought by severe cold due to the weather, it’s better to know what your doctor has to say, especially when the weather is perfectly fine and there’s no other reason for such condition to happen.

The swelling of the legs and feet is something that may occur because of various reasons. For instance, it’s normal for pregnant women to experience this, people with diabetes may also experience the same thing. It may also be due to other factors that aren’t related to health such as when you have limited movements perhaps in a crowded space. But, you shouldn’t overlook the possibility that it is because of a deep vein thrombosis or when the heart valve is refusing to close properly. This shouldn’t be taken lightly especially when it comes with other difficulties such as chest pain and shortness of breath.

To do dentist is where people usually go if they are experiencing bleeding gums or bad breath. Of course, it’s natural to have an oral health expert to attend to you if we are talking about these parts of our body. However, it is also advisable to pay your cardiologist a visit because you may be suffering from a heart disease. It had been proven in a study that poor oral health enables the bacteria in the mouth to sneak into the bloodstream and clog you heart valves, hence increasing the risk of a heart attack. What’s worse is that if not taken care of immediately, a person may also suffer from CHD or Coronary Heart Disease.

Last but not the least, abdominal pain is a condition you should pay close attention to. Just like the other symptoms, this may be due to other things, but it is also specially difficult to determine if what you’re experiencing is a normal pain, or a beginning of a heart attack. You see, the heart and the stomach are located closely inside the body, which makes it difficult to determine what really caused the abdominal pain. So to be sure, if you experience such condition that is accompanied by shortness of breath, nausea, and fatigue, don’t hesitate to visit a doctor for you to be diagnosed properly.

There’s no telling if a slight change in you health indicates a dangerous disease but no matter what, we shouldn’t take these lightly. Do you know what’s better than having the best treatment in the world? It’s to not undergo such because you don’t need it in the first place.


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