According to the Scientists, this is the look of the perfect woman

What the perfect woman looks like? According to the scientist, she isn’t like the woman that the fashion industry presents to us. The perfect woman is 1.68 meters high and her measurements are 99-63-91.

And if you haven’t imagined her yet here is a picture.

That is Kelly Brook an English actress and model. The first time she tried to enter into the modeling industry a talent scout called her “plump”. But according to the scientists, she is perfect.

But why is attractiveness important? It is actually related to fertility. Actually, the main function of the humans is to create a future generation.

Therefore, men are attracted to those women whose faces indicate good health and youth, like Kelly Brook’s.

It is proven that even two men from two completely different countries and cultures will be attracted to the same woman, the one who looks healthier and more youthful.


Because they are selling clothes and not fertility. The models should highlight the clothes they wear, therefore there aren’t models like Kelly Brook.

But skinny models present unhealthiness as overweight women present. So you need to find the perfect balance.

Watch the video and learn the female body types.


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