Do You Have a Spot on Your Iris? THIS is What it Means!

We are able to tell a lot about a person` s feelings by looking in their eyes.  But, the eyes tell a lot about a person`s health as well!

For a long time, iridologists have known that the eye is basically an extension of the nervous system,  packed with many blood vessels, tissues, and nerve endings linked with every organ in the body.

In his book Iridology Simplified, Dr. Bernard Jensen says:

“Nature has provided us with a miniature television screen showing the most remote portions of the body by way of nerve reflex responses.”

The Meaning of Eye Spots

If the eyes reveal a lot about person`s health, what do spots on the iris show?

Well, psora spots, those green, brown, or red dots, indicate toxins located in the body tissues. These toxins get in the body through the environment or via prescription medications taken over an extended period of time.

The location of the spot helps you recognize which area is being affected.  Dr. Bernard Jensen has created a chart which helps discover the source of the problem depending on the spot`s location.

Do You Have a Spot on Your Iris? THIS is What it Means!

For instance, based on this chart, the psora spot in the featured image indicates toxins in the bladder.  Luckily, medical supervision and proper detox measures help decrease the size of the spot, indicating that the affected body part has been detoxed.

Don’t forget to see your doctor!

Looking at the psora spot and trying to map it on your own using this chart is a good idea, but don’t forget to see your doctor too.  Just like with any other medical condition, seeing a doctor before trying to solve any issue on your own is highly recommended.

An expert in the field will be able to find out other medical conditions such as eye melanoma, a condition that is often mistaken for psoric spotting.

If, after consulting a doctor, the spot in the iris is still determined to be a sporic spot, do a little research to learn more about natural remedies that will detox your body naturally.


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