The Diet That Makes You Lose Weight Fast, Reverses Diabetes And Starves Cancer

Did you know that diet stripped of fats or low in fats is seriously detrimental for your overall health?

Believe or not but a good amount of healthy fast is absolutely necessary for your overall health!

Many health experts have proved this case and the myth of cholesterol and that it causes clogged arteries and heart attack has been debunked! Statins drugs lower cholesterol levels in the body, but do you know that cholesterol is essential for your nervous system tissue. People who take this drug for a longer period of time are at increased risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The skin cholesterol prompts the conversion of UVB lights from the sun to vitamin D3.

The latest scientific studies have proved that diet rich in healthy fats starves and reverses the most aggressive types of cancer and many other health benefits! Unfortunately, Big Pharma continues to kill off the population through chemo, radiation, and surgeries!

The Amazing Facts of Ketogenic Diet

Many cancer patients are a witness that this diet cured their cancer. Today we will present you an amazing story that will leave you speechless.

He was diagnosed with an aggressive type of skeletal cancer which had already metastasised in his body. He spoke with three different doctors who said the same –  he had three months to live.

He was not ready to give up so he continued educating and researching to find an alternative treatment for his condition. The person accidentally stumbled upon the ketogenic diet and he decided to give it a try!

He eliminated carbs and sugars from his diet and started consuming a lot of high quality fast and good meats, no margarine, trans fats, and hydrogenated oils.

Coconut oil, flax seeds, hemp oil, eggs, EVOO, butter and avocados are the riches sources of good fat sources. He even added the maligned saturated fat. Believe or not but his cancer was gone in just a few months and a year later he was still alive and kicking, healthy like never before.

According to Dr. D’Agostino, the doctor who discovered ketogenic diet claims that it can reverse cancer and many other diseases and conditions, He receives letters from many cancer patients who tried his ketogenic diet and their successful stories.

In fact, cancer cells need glucose to survive as they are deprived of the oxygen our healthy cells for normal functioning. The good fats are full of fatty acids which are converted to ketones when the cells are deprived of glucose.

This is how coconut oil can reverse Alzheimer’s. Ketones conversion actually provides the brain cells that cannot metabolize oxygen as well as before with energy they need.

The cancer cells will starve to death if we eliminate glucose and replace it with ketones. There are no side-effects to this amazing diet!

Once the cancer is reversed, you can modify the standard ketogenic diet. Introducing complex carbs which can not easily be converted to glucose is OK for a cancer-free organism suggests health experts.

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